Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Something To Cheer You Up After Doing Your Taxes

Today, April 15, is perhaps the most dismal day of the year for Americans, particularly writers, who are more often self-employed than not. If forking over your cash to Uncle Sam didn't make you grumpy today, it certainly ticked off a lot of other people, as evidenced by the numerous anti-tax tea parties that went on across the country.

While I understand the sentiment there, I really don't think the protests will accomplish much. Then again, I'm not the most politically active person in the world. To be honest, I can't even think the phrase "teabagging" and keep a straight face after reading Mark Terry's post on the subject. All I can say is, it pays to know your vocabulary, folks!

So...moving right along. I figured we could all use a little pick-me-up after being made considerably poorer this month, and I found a fantastic new website today called that should do the job nicely. After playing around on the site for awhile, I discovered a brilliant little video of over 200 dancers performing to "Do, Re, Mi" from The Sound of Music in the Antwerpen Central Train Station in Belgium. In the 3 weeks since it first posted on YouTube, the original video has already garnered more than 1.3 million hits. And once you see it, you'll figure out why:

This made me smile from ear to ear, and I'm not at all a fan of musicals. The moral of the story? When you're having a crappy day, sometimes it's the littlest things that can turn it all around.


  1. Loved starting the day this way. Seeing strangers appreciate spontaneous play makes my heart glad. Thanks for the boost!

  2. I think the tea parties were a good idea - the beginning of something bigger, I hope. And the idea surrounding them was not anti-tax, but rather too MUCH tax. One look at my stupid cell phone bill confirms that. I pay so many freakin' taxes on it that it increases the "base" cell phone rate by $20. I could go on and on...but my tax return was depressing enough. ;-)

  3. Lisha,
    My pleasure! It made my heart glad, too. I'm happy this give you a boost today :-)

  4. Melissa,
    I appreciate the REASON for the protests--my cell phone bill is ridiculous, too--but not so much the METHOD.

    When I hear about "tea parties," I picture folks dumping tea bags off of boats like we're back in 1773. I get that people are angry, but I don't know if this is the way to get things to change. Just my two cents.

    But as I said, I don't like politics much in general, especially when people get riled up the way they are now. I'd rather post videos that brighten someone's day instead ;-)

  5. Have you seen Susan Boyle's performance on Britian's Got Talent via youtube!? She has an unbelievable voice and she's taken the world quite by storm! Seemed like something you might be interested in... last year's Andrew Johnston & George Sampston were equally talented, and both have gone forward! One with the win, and one with a recording deal! :) Susan Boyle was interviewed by Larry King last night as well! :)

    *I didn't think it was right of everyone to prejudge her though. I didn't and why everyone else did, I simply do not know! :(

  6. Thanks for the dose of positivity...and Anon is right, the Susan Boyle thing rocks, too.

  7. Anon 12:43,
    Oh yes, I saw Susan Boyle's performance! Wasn't she fantastic? I thought it was awful of everyone to judge her too, but I wasn't surprised. People can be so superficial and silly. Of course, she had the last laugh, didn't she?

  8. Anita,
    You're very welcome! Yup, Susan Boyle is amazing. I wish the very best for her. I think the whole world is rooting for her now :-)


    Click the vid for "inspiring writers", it should be the last one down. I thought you might enjoy it! All of her videos are good though!

    You must be packing or writing -- either way, your blog has been missing you! Glad that you did enjoy Susan Boyle's performance!

  10. And, Happy Mother's Day!

    Meant to say that BEFORE I clicked post! Sighs.

  11. Anon 4:39 and 4:40,
    Sorry it took me so long to respond! Thanks for the great link! I'll be sure to check it out once I get a moment to breathe.

    Actually, I won't be moving until July. I've just been bombarded with writing assignments, in addition to sending out as many job applications as I can before we go out of town at the end of the month.

    I hate that I've been neglecting the blog so much--I miss you all dearly :( There just aren't enough hours in the day right now. I'll come back as soon as I can though, I promise!

  12. Ahhh... I think those who appreciate your blog can be patient to allow you to sort out this new transition in your life! Austin (via your twitter) is a lively place to be, and a great sea of opportunities! I am sure that something is going to come along that is going to be a good fit but also, have a promise of a nice future too! July, is right around the corner, but I know what you mean! Time moves in a vaccum at times, does it not?

  13. Anon 12:54,
    I hope you're right about my lovely blog followers! The time is flying by, but the good news is I think I'm close to getting a breather. Finally! *Keeping fingers crossed*

    Austin is a wonderful place to live, but it's not a definite "yes" yet. Just a maybe. I'm still checking out my options right now. Texas is a big state, and there are lots of opportunities in all the major cities. We'll see where we end up. Thanks for sticking with me :-)

  14. Hallo! I've been trying to respond, but your blog doesn't always let the comments go through! :( Wanted to say, that wherever you end up, its going to be the right fit for you! :) I hope I am right too, I noticed no one else has been commenting.. maybe their simply waiting in the wings for new content!? I haven't been to Austin, but I always have heard positive things about the city. There are a few other smaller cities I've heard the same about, and the only ones that are either too big or such, are Dallas/Houston, but even if you end up there, like I said, its going to be the best fit for you! Hope your holiday weekend was both relaxing and enjoyable! Without too much thought on the stress of moving and finding jobs! :)

  15. The video of the spontaneous dancing at the train station rocks it! =)
    I just love it!

    Cool blog! Check out mine:

  16. That video! I was grinning the entire time, but strangely - I had a couple tears burn up - it!

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