Monday, April 6, 2009

Flutter: The Future of Twitter?

Check out this mockumentary from Slate V on "Flutter," which is basically Twitter with less characters. Hilarious! And scarily perceptive.

While you're laughing, observe the following:

Irony #1: This link is going straight to my Twitter page. How sad is that?

Irony #2: I honestly thought this was real at first. Says a lot about where our society is headed as our communication becomes more and more instantaneous. Kinda makes you wonder if language itself will eventually become obsolete, like we'll be hooked up to some creepy hive mind or something. Resistance is futile, anyone?


  1. So far, I've resisted Twitter. But I also resisted Facebook for a long, long time and finally capitulated a few months ago. So who knows what will happen...

  2. LOL awesome! I love it! So funny :D

  3. Melissa,
    Run away from Twitter if you can--run away! LOL. Seriously though, I understand that it isn't for everybody. I'm just fascinated by the number of folks who DO love Twittering (like me, haha!) and what that says about the world we live in.

    For example, what does it mean when your entire day has to be communicated in 140-character increments? What does that say about our attention span these days? Interesting stuff to ponder... ;-)

  4. Jenn,
    Yay, glad you liked it! I saw the video this morning and I just HAD to post! I could write an essay on the sociological impacts of Twitter. Hmm. That's probably not normal, is it? LOL!

  5. I'm skeert of Twitter and FaceBook/MySpace. :)

  6. Angie,
    Aww, and videos like this probably don't help, do they? LOL, don't be skeert! Like anything else, social networking tools have their pros and cons, but as I told Melissa, they're not for everyone. And that's okay :)

  7. Now if you sent it to Facebook too, that's really ironic! :))

  8. Lori,
    I didn't, but you're right, that would be really ironic! Now that you mention it, maybe I will post it there, too. I've always been one for irony :)