Saturday, March 21, 2009

And Now, For Your Viewing Pleasure...

Hey there, all! Well, as I said in the last post, I've been working hard all week. I'm quite sleepy, so I'm turning in early tonight. Here are some clips of writing advice for you to check out, spoken by some of the greatest writers of our time. Enjoy!

First, the legendary Ray Bradbury:

Next, whether you love him or hate him Stephenie Meyer fans, you gotta admit Stephen King knows a thing or two. And don't you just love the tie-dye shirt?

Lastly, critically acclaimed author Joyce Carol Oates talks about creating characters:

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Fantastic post. Hearing Oates say the first 6 weeks are hell for her encourages me. Good to know even the greats have it rough at times.

  2. JDS,
    Hey, thanks! You're right. It's one thing to know that our favorite writers struggle, but it's quite another to hear them say it in their own words. It makes what they've accomplished seem more doable for the rest of us, I think.

  3. Had seen the first two, but the JCO was new to me. Great stuff. Thanks for posting.

  4. Great advice from some great authors. Thanks for posting. :)

  5. Angie,
    My pleasure :) I'm glad you hadn't seen the JCO video. I looked hard for that one. Video interviews with female authors are surprisingly tough to find.

  6. Jeff,
    I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I think each clip highlighted something different about the writing process. Those authors were much more eloquent than I could ever be.

  7. Wow! Thanks for gathering all this wisdom for us!

  8. Anita,
    Glad to do it! That's exactly what makes this whole blogging experience so fun for me. I love to find new things and share them with other like-minded souls.

    I'm just a delivery girl, of course, but I'll do my best to keep finding little goodies like these and pass them along to you :)