Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting Back in the Saddle (Here We Go Again...)

I've spent the past few weeks debating whether I wanted to revive this blog or not. As you can see, it's been about 18 months since my last post. I didn't entirely abandon blogging during that time; I just wound up trying---and failing---to start new blogs in different locations, each with a slightly different focus.

My problem, I think, is consistency. I struggle with staying motivated to complete long-term tasks, which is why freelancing has been such a great fit. It gives me the freedom to work on a lot of different things so I don't have the chance to get stuck in a rut.

Blogging, however, demands a routine of sorts. It allows for spontaneity because you can control when you post, how often and what subjects you cover. Nevertheless, if you have any desire to develop and maintain a decent group of readers, you'd better be somewhat predictable. Otherwise, you can come off as a little kooky.

I get theory. In practice, though, it's a different story. I used to think I was just lazy or disorganized, but lately I've stumbled across more than a couple of orphaned blogs, even a few from some of my writing role models. Apparently, many people are suffering from "blogging fatigue" due to the market being over-saturated. Another point I see coming up over and over again is that after maintaining a weekly/daily blog for a period of several years, most folks simply run out of things to say. After all, how many posts can you really write about knitting? Or your new puppy? Or superior methods of backyard grilling? 500? 1,000? 2,000?

Despite this recent turn of events, I don't think blogging is going the way of the dodo bird anytime soon. While fewer people may be starting and maintaining blogs compared to a few years ago, thousands upon thousands of people are still using them to express themselves, socialize, share information, and in many cases, uplift and inspire others. For these reasons, I believe blogs still have plenty of life left in them, even if it sometimes seems like they're dying off.

In a way, these ideas are also part of why I've decided to take up blogging again. There are other reasons too---my long-term goal of building a marketing platform for my writing, for example. However, in my heart of hearts, I just flat-out enjoy the medium that blogging provides. It allows me to say things that can't quite be said any other way, and that's why I want to stick with it if I can. Here goes nothing.

What about you? Do you maintain a regular, active blog? If so, what keeps you committed for the long haul? What makes a blog compelling and fun for you to read?

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